Bleak House: Chapters 57-58

Chapters 57-8: “Esther’s Narrative”; “A Wintry Day and Night”

Summary: Esther and Mr. Bucket are searching for Lady Dedlock all over London, all night and day. They track her to brick maker Jenny’s and start heading out of the city when Mr. Bucket realizes they followed the wrong trail and turn back. Then there’s a switch in POV and we are at Sir Leicester’s city house, where everyone is tiptoeing around the recovering Sir L, questioning “who will tell him?”

Reaction: They definitely have the tension high here, and these chapters don’t give me a good feeling.

Prediction: I can’t really predict honestly because I’ve read way ahead of this, but as I was reading I hoped they would save Lady D, but had increasingly less hope for her as time went on.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Classic chase. Chasing leads in a coach, through the city and through taverns and inns. All of that evokes a classic atmosphere.

Our Lesson: Lady Dedlock is a smart lady if she managed to give Mr. Bucket the slip. I’d say they’re pretty evenly matched, so don’t go up against either of them if you can help it.


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