Bleak House: “Pursuit”

Chapter 56: “Pursuit”

Summary:Sir Leicester has collapsed out of the stress of it all. He sees the letter Lady Dedlock has left for him and sets Mr. Bucket out after her, sparing no expense. He finds Esther’s handkerchief in Lady D’s room and, with Mr. George’s help tracks her to Bleak House. Esther agrees to help him find her.

Reaction: Exciting and touching. I love seeing Mr. Bucket at work. And it’s so sweet that Sir L. doesn’t even care what she’s done and just wants to love her.

Prediction: I’m really looking forward to seeing Esther and Mr. Bucket investigating together. Two clever characters are bound to turn up something. I just hope L.D. is still alive.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Misunderstandings that could lead to tragedy–LD thought her husband would be ruined if he found out, but it’s looking like no one really cares, especially him.

Our Lesson: Just tell the truth. Seriously, keeping big secrets might be a great plot device, but hiding the truth always seems to be more painful than just spilling in the first place.


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