War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 78-84

Some there was lots of love going on in this section. In fact it was a lot of courting and young people in love and getting revenge for not being loved. Love, love, love. Oh, by the way, I’m not feeling 100%, so this post may end up being a little strange. It already feels kind of strange to me.

So Dolokhov has started hanging out at the Rostov’s and spending time with Sonya, trying to steal her away from Nick, but she stays true to Nick for some reason (Dolokhov is definitely a worse option, but still, Nick is a pretty big loser still). Dolokhov does not like this one bit and gives him some deadly glares. Nick even asks Sonya why she didn’t agree. His ego is enlarged from her devotion, but it doesn’t seem like he loves her back quite the same, especially since being on leave he’s been going out partying all the time, spending his dad’s money.

I’m getting to be impressed a little with Natasha, who is actually looking pretty smart. She doesn’t want to get married ever, which is what all 13-year-olds should say, in my opinion. Yet she still makes poor Densiov fall in love with her. He’s also becoming a favorite character. I love his dialogue with that speech impediment. Come back in a couple years, Denisov, and try again when she’s not a child.

And then, concluding this section, Nick gets in a card game with Dolokhov (who cheats) and end up owing him 43,000 or so rubles. The number was important because it is the combined ages of D and Sonya, but I can never remember numbers. It was definitely in the 40,000s. Nick gets his dad to fork over the money and then they all head back to war.

I seriously don’t understand how anyone could be friends with Dolokhov. He’s a jerk to everyone. He seduces his friends’ sisters and girlfriends, he gets them in trouble, he gambles profusely and cheats. He’s a huge jerk. Since Tolstoy is such a moralist (as I learned last week) I’m really hoping he will get what’s coming to him. There are still (in my Nook version) thousands of pages to go, though, so I actually want him to stick around for a while, being a jerk and making things interesting, and then he can come to a very creative and satisfying end closer to the end of this thing, like when it’s December and not April on my reading timetable.

Okay, that’s it. Now I have other things to do, and then I hope to get some extra rest. Hope you have a great weekend!

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