Bleak House: “Flight”

Chapter 55: “Flight”

Summary: Mrs. Bagnet brings back Mrs. Rouncewell, who is Mr. George’s mother. They visit George in prison and he agrees to do whatever necessary to get free for her. Meanwhile, Lady Dedlock talks to Guppy, who warns her that there are people out to get her who Tulkinghorn used to control. Lady Dedlock flees into the night.

Reaction: Exciting! And I guess Mr. Guppy isn’t that bad.

Prediction: I’m still hoping everything will turn out happily.

Why This Book Is a Classic:Because it’s long but good. (That’s all I’ve got today. I’m tired.)

Our Lesson: Maybe you should wait it out a little longer to see how everyone reacts before doing something like fleeing the city/country.

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