Bleak House: “The Track”

Chapter 53: “The Track”

Summary: Mr. Bucket is at Sir Leicester’s London home on the night of Tulkinghorn’s funeral. Mr. Bucket has been getting mysterious letters stating only LADY DEDLOCK. He gives his status update to Leicester and cousin crew, but doesn’t mention L. Dedlock. Sir L states that he would not even spare his brother if he were responsible for this terrible crime. On his way out Mr. Bucket interrogates the house servant and runs into Lady Dedlock.

Reaction: I missed why this chapter is called the track, but it’s probably not important. I just loved seeing how Mr. Bucket interacted with everyone. He is clearly pumping everyone for information, but does it in such a friendly way most have no idea what he’s doing.

Prediction: Even though it looks pretty positive that LD was the murderer, it’s still hard for me to picture. I’m looking forward to hearing the story of what drove her to do it. I can only see her telling Esther.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Classic investigation. I can’t picture the guys fromLaw and Order interrogating like Mr. Bucket. With him it’s more of a casual conversation instead of grilling someone for info. Mr. Bucket is smart enough to put the pieces together without someone spelling it out for him (except for whoever spelled out “LADY DEDLOCK”)

Our Lesson: Don’t try to hide anything from Mr. Bucket; of course if you do he’ll figure it out anyway.

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