Bleak House: “Obstinacy”

Chapter 52: “Obstinacy”

Summary: Everyone goes to visit Mr. George in prison: Mr. Woodcourt, Mr. Jarndyce, Esther, and the Bagnets. George refuses Jarndyce’s advice to get a good lawyer. He would rather be hanged in his own way (playing by his rules of just telling the truth) than being freed by a lawyer using their nasty lawyer ways. Everyone is very worried, and Mrs. Bagnet decides to go find George’s estranged mother to see if that will help. Oh, and according to George it looks like Lady Dedlock was the real murderer.

Reaction: Oh, I just love all these characters! And the so-called mystery, where the reader pretty much knows all the answers before the characters. There was a point at the beginning when I almost gave up, but I’m glad I didn’t!

Prediction: Esther’s going to have to see Lady Dedlock about the murder. She’s too smart to have not put the pieces together–I’m sure Mr. J knows too. And neither want Mr. George to hang for a crime he didn’t commit.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Classic prisons. That place sounded miserable–like a dungeon, but it’s funny how many visitors got to traipse in and out.

Our Lesson: Don’t get put into a Dickens’ era prison, or any for that matter.


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