Bleak House: “Stop Him!”

Chapter 46: “Stop Him!”

Summary: Mr. Woodcourt is walking around Tom All-Alone’s and sees a familiar woman, and then a very familiar boy races by. After a chase he catches the boy, Jo, of course, and he and the woman interrogate him about what happened at Bleak House. Apparently he didn’t run–someone grabbed him and told him never to come back into the city.

Reaction: Oh, Jo! Yay! I knew just from the title that this would be a good one. Anything with an exclamation point is bound to be great–take Panic! at the Disco, for example.

Prediction: I predict we will see more Jo next chapter…oh wait, I peeked 🙂 I have a feeling that mysterious person who took Jo was Mr. Tulkinghorn. Most of the mysteries in this book aren’t really that hard to figure out, but it’s not technically a mystery story, even if it is called one.

Why This Book Is a Classic: I’m not sure. Things in this chapter–slums, poor children, poor, beaten wives–they’re all still around today. I guess I’ll go with brick makers or whatever the jerk husband is–that’s not a job that’s around anymore.

Our Lesson: Don’t marry a brick maker (or whatever it was called)–apparently they are notorious wife-beaters.


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