Bleak House: “In Trust”

Chapter 45: “In Trust”

Summary: Mr. Vholes visits Bleak House and tells them that Richard is not doing well. Esther decides to visit him and she finds out that he is pretty much being kicked out of the army. Mr. Woodcourt’s ship comes in at the same time, and she visits with him. He seems very sorry for her, but she reassures him and makes him promise to look after Richard in London.

Reaction: There wasn’t any mention of this engagement, but it is very interesting how fast Mr. Woodcourt pops up after the love chapter. I’m not going to talk about Richard. Except that he’s stupid.

Prediction: If everyone would just stop supporting Richard he could end up on the street begging, die of some disease and then we’d be done with him. If only. But these people care about him for some reason and they give him their money. He’ll scrape by for a while at least until something else happens. On a more interesting note, I think Mr. Woodcourt is not done with Esther, and I won’t be surprised if he turns up at Bleak House sometime soon.

Why This Book Is a Classic: This army seems so relaxed. I feel like if Richard were in our army he’d have been whipped into shape…or into a killer–but definitely into something different and better (and by better I mean more interesting).

Our Lesson: You can’t help the people you love/must care for; feel lucky that you aren’t stuck with Richard.


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