Workout Playlist: 4/1-4/7

So things are not going so hot…

I’m keeping the same playlist again because Monday all my batteries gave out at the same time only 3 songs in, and I just quit. And I didn’t do anything Tuesday or Friday, and today I stopped running 5 minutes in because my chest is congested and it hurt. And I have 2 beautiful, delicious birthday cakes that I know I shouldn’t eat but I don’t have the heart to throw out. Usually my roommate is the one who gets attached to inanimate objects like cake or jack-o-lanterns and I have to be the one to send them to their fate, but this time they’re my birthday cakes and I want them!

All right, enough whining and complaining. I am going to try to switch things up. Now that it is sunny later, I might try running after work outside more than just Thursdays. Once those cakes are gone I’m really really going to work on cutting out unnecessary calories. I’m going to picture the me I’d like to be when I am challenged and use that and my goal to get me through. I think I will also look up possible Y classes to do because I always go to my Wednesday class and my boxing classes. I’m also going to try not to let myself feel overwhelmed, because when I’m stressed exercise is the first thing I blow off. It’s going to be hard because this is a stressful time of year. But I’m a good time manager, and I just have to do it!

Here’s to a great week! Opening Day is Thursday! Yay!

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