War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 64-70

We see a battle that was doomed from the start (the readers knew this and the smarter military people knew this, but everyone else was a bit delusional). I loved the imagery of the Russians running around in the foggy valleys while Napoleon’s forces sat above watching them and just waiting. It definitely reinforced the “doomed” feeling.

Prince Andrew thinks he’s finally got his moment, then he is injured and captured. He meets his hero Napoleon–and I think it is very interesting that a lot of these Russians really admire Napoleon, who is in the process of attacking them. But he sees that Napoleon is very vein, taking joy from gloating over the captured officers and making sure to show off how great he is. (I felt that Napoleon could have made a worse impression if he’d wanted to–I mean, he treated these prisoners very well, but I guess this nice treatment just made Andrew feel worse. If you’re going to be captured you at least should get to prove how tough you are by surviving torture and refusing to give up any Russian secrets and all that, right?)

Meanwhile, Rostov goes on leave and lives it up in Moscow. We hear rumors/updates about some of our other characters, like Pierre, whose new wife has cheated on him with that Dolokov. Also we hear that everyone believes that Prince Andrew is dead. I am definitely curious to see what happens with his family–his wife and his father.

Well, that’s about it for this week! I’m looking forward to see what happens next!


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