War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 57-63

I didn’t take a lot of notes on this section. We were back to our boys in…whatever color they fight in. The soldiers. First there’s Nick Rostov, whose sections I’ve been starting to label “comic relief.” He is literally in love with Emperor Alexander and wants to be on the front lines so he can die with Alexander looking on. He’s very young, and we are constantly reminded of that–as I mentioned last week, it will be interesting to see how and if he grows up.

We saw a new side of Andrew. With a big battle coming up–one he has sense enough to recognize that there’s a really good chance they’re going to be big losers and he very well might be killed–he has fantasies of honor and glory. It says he wants this more than his family or anything else–he wants to be the big hero. I found this interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes from here. Before now I saw him as a man doing his duty to serve his country–he’s extremely honorable and practical, and he never stepped up to get glory before, even when he deserved it. He even spoke up for others when it could have gotten him in trouble. We’ll have to see if that former nature wins out or this new fantasy does.

And I think I mentioned way back that one character talked a lot about but never featured was Napoleon. Well, today he was finally featured. He’s pretty bad-ass, and those Russians are in some big trouble it looks like. I’m guessing there’s some big fighting coming up. Can’t wait!

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