Bleak House: “The Appointed Time” AKA Spontaneous Combustion!

Chapter 32: “The Appointed Time”

Summary: Life for spy Weevie is not fun, but he’s made progress. Mr. Krook has some letters from the dead guy he’s promised to give Weevie to read for him. Guppy shows up to get the letters, but things are seeming sooty, sticky, and strange, so they tiptoe down together. They find the cat hissing at a black and goopy, sooty mess.

Reaction:Spontaneous combustion! Finally!

Prediction: Now what do I have to look forward to?

Why This Book Is a Classic: There was a time when spontaneous combustion was believed to be scientifically possible. That’s why this is a classic.

Our Lesson: If you go around calling yourself a Chancellor and being slimy and creepy, you might just spontaneously combust and leave behind a slimy, creepy mess.

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