Workout Playlist: 3/11-3/17

I have realized that at some points of my existence, having a plan for the week isn’t quite enough. I hit stumbling blocks that tend to not just trip me up for one or two days but can start a downward spiral. Lately, snacking has been my stumbling block, which I’ve been barely managing through exercising, and every week for the past couple I think, “If I just hadn’t eaten all that crap then think what the results could have been.”

Now I never completely deny myself treats here and there because that would be impossible, but at some times I lose my will power and just can’t stop at a reasonable place.

Then this week I had a cold (a really minor one, though), so it was easy to talk myself out of running on Tuesday. And unfortunately it rained on Thursday (I am not one of the crazy people who will run in the rain), and I had class that night, so I didn’t do anything then. Luckily, I still managed to break even.


I’ve admitted to myself that it’s all fine and dandy to have a plan, but if there isn’t a goal to work toward it’s so easy to slip.

So I have a goal. I am going on a two week vacation this summer to Florida, and it’s my first vacation this long since starting working. I’m already excited! So I want to look and feel my best ever by then. This sort of goal worked great at the end of last summer/fall when I had my brother’s wedding to get ready for, and this goal has already helped me at the end of this week. Getting back on track will still be a struggle, but I’m relieved to have come up with a goal to help me remind myself of a reason for doing all this.

And now, this week’s playlist:

  1. Jumping Jacks–“Alpha Dog” Fall Out Boy
  2. Push-Ups/Tricep Lifts–“My Best Theory” Jimmy Eat World
  3. Plank–“I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here” AFI
  4. 28-Squat–“James Brown” Cage the Elephant
  5. Mountain Climbers/Swimmer Kicks (alternating 30 seconds/3 sets)–“Summer Shudder” AFI
  6. Crunches–“Pain” Three Days Grace
  7. Box/Push-Ups–“Lycanthrope” +44
  8. Wall Sit–“I Like It Rough” Lady Gaga
  9. Leg Lifts–“Miss Murder” AFI
  10. Run 1 mile on treadmill (no song for this one)
  11. Cool Down–“Swing Life Away” Rise Against

Wow, that was actually a pretty diverse group of artists. I’m going to try to come up with some other artists at some point. (The only problem is that my iPod is almost full 😦 )

Assuming my new goal does its job, this should hopefully turn out to be a good week, since I have boxing today and no class and am adding the running part.

Here’s to a great week!


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