Bleak House: “An Appeal Case”

Chapter 24: “An Appeal Case”

Summary: Richard’s in the army. Time passes. He’s about to ship out to Ireland and Jarndyce tells him and Ada that it would be best for them to go back to just being cousins and not engaged and let whatever develop do it at its own pace later. Ada agrees. Richard has been training with Mr. George, who knows Gridley, the other guy with a Chancery suit. Gridley is wanted by the law and is in hiding. Esther and Richard catch an episode of Jarndyce V. Jarndyce and then Mr. George takes them to Gridely, who he’d been hiding. But Detective Bucket find them and is going to take Gridley away. He’s in a bad, defeated state, and I think he dies.

Reaction: A lot happened in this chapter, and I found it pretty enjoyable to read. I still don’t like Richard. I think I like Mr. George, and I really like Detective Bucket. I mean he spies through skylights in the middle of the night and shows up in disguises and then, Pop! it’s Det. Bucket! So cool.

Prediction: Det. Bucket has a lot more detective work to do! I’m not sure what exactly he’s investigating, but I don’t care! And hopefully Ada will fall in love with someone else, but I don’t care about that too much because I don’t like her much either. Maybe Richard will end up just like Gridley, as Esther seemed to hint at.

Why This Book Is a Classic: I don’t think many real or modern literary detectives will stand back and let the people harboring a fugitive handle the situation of the capture, but Bucket let George go in and talk to Gridley first, and told him he could do it his own way. Of course it’s not like they could have escaped him, since he’s so awesome.

Our Lesson: Don’t try to run from Detective Bucket.


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