Bleak House: (23) “Esther’s Narrative”

Chapter 23: “Esther’s Narrative” (again)

Summary: Before leaving Chesney Wold the French maid begs Esther to take her in her service, but Esther says she doesn’t need her. Then she visits the Jellybeans again and helps Caddy and Prince tell their parents about their engagement. Both care more how it will affect them than showing any concern about their children. Then Charley tells Esther Jarndyce has hired her to be her maid.

Reaction: Who knew? Esther really needs a maid. Esther didn’t know either, apparently. I feel bad for the Jellybean family, but I’m getting kind of sick of hearing about them. I don’t care for Caddy, either. Probably because she has terrible taste in men.

Prediction: I’m sure we’re not done with the Jellybeans yet. I’m thinking Mr. J will either be going to prison or kill himself. I’d really like to see reality hit Mrs. J, but I’m sure she’ll still be writing and answering Africa letters from prison or Tom-All-Alone’s or wherever she ends up.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Needing to ask your parents’ permission to marry. Sure, anymore it’s nice to have your parents’ blessing, but it’s not required. Of course these parents really could have cared less.

Our Lesson: If you are born to a parent who cares more about some other continent than you or cares more about looking good than you, get married and get yourself married out of there ASAP. Just don’t marry someone with a worse parent than yours.


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