Bleak House: “Mr. Bucket”

Chapter 22: “Mr. Bucket”

Summary: An investigation is going on. Tulkinghorn the lawyer calls in Snagsby to explain what he learned from Jo about the mysterious lady. A detective, Mr. Bucket, listens to the account and has Snagsby come with him to find Jo to question him again. After venturing into Tom-All-Alones, they get Jo and try to have him ID the woman. The woman they find is not the right one but has the same clothes.

Reaction: It’s cute–Jo’s nickname is Toughy. Probably because all he says is “I don’t know nothink.” He’s a sweet kid–he was out getting medicine for a woman’s newborn baby when they came for him. (One of these women was the one with the dead baby Esther had met). I love how all these seemingly meaningless plot lines loop back over each other. You’d think in such a long book there would be a few purposeless parts, but as I get farther in, it’s seeming that every character has a role to play.

Prediction: This woman they found probably works for the lady (my Lady?). Maybe we’ll see more of this mystery unfold–and hopefully figure out what the mystery actually is?

Why This Book Is a Classic: It makes you remember what you’ve read hundreds of pages earlier. It’s a good thing I’ve been writing down characters’ names or I’d miss some references. This book forces you to pay attention.

Our Lesson: If you lend your clothes to someone, make sure they’re not about to go out and commit some nefarious deed!


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