Bleak House: “The Smallweed Family”

Chapter 21: “The Smallweed Family”

Summary: The Smallweed family is very strange. None of them, through at least 3 generations, tolerate any kind of free time fun. From birth they are put to work. They are also not very big. The only one with any sense of fun is the great grandma, who’s gone senile. Mr. George comes to visit the family, and he is big. He is having some money trouble, and he owns a struggling shooting gallery.

Reaction: This chapter wasn’t as entertaining as I’d hoped. Probably because we hardly saw anything of Bart, and he was the one I was interested in. But I’m sure it will be significant in some way.

Prediction: I’m not too sure, but I wouldn’t blame Charlie, their servant girl, for stabbing them all in their sleep (especially Judy) or just plain running away. They can’t pay her too well.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Three generations in one house. The father Smallweed is dead, but all the same you don’t get extended family like that living together all too often nowadays.

Our Lesson: Don’t let those servants of yours waste your precious time with things like eating lunch. If they’re going to eat they need to gulp it down standing and then get back to work!


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