Bleak House: “A New Lodger”

Chapter 20: “A New Lodger”

Summary: We’re still on vacation from court, and Guppy meets up with an old out-of work friend, who he and his coworker/biggest fan, Smallweed, take out to lunch. Guppy suggests he get a room at Krook’s place so he can spy on him. Apparently Krook may have a big stash of money somewhere that Guppy would like to know about. So the friend (Jobling) uses a fake name and gets the apartment.

Reaction: Jobling doesn’t seem too smart. I wouldn’t use him as a spy. Though he does seem able to take care of himself. Smallweed is quite a character. I’m looking forward to learning more about him. He’s 15, I think, but acts like an older adult, always in a suit and always all business. I’m glad the next chapter is about him, at least by the title.

Prediction: Mysteries are starting to stack up. I’m not sure what they are exactly–something about Krook, something about Esther’s parentage, something with Jarndyce. There’s probably more. I’m not entirely sure where this book is going, actually.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Lunch is an important meal again–they all sat down and had like a feast at this restaurant. I don’t know how they ate all that–and dessert. Lunch is when you get things done in classic literature. (Dinner too, probably–I recall a dinner scene in a certain never-ending chapter). Business around food is all good.

Our Lesson: No matter what your age, if you wear a suit you look like you mean business. So suit up!


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