War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 36-42

We are at war–full on!

First, the bridge fails to burn (Nick stands in the middle confused and petrified). Then we see Andrew bringing news to the Austrian Emperor. His character is definitely an admirable one. I’ve pretty much forgiven him for his mistreatment of his mustachioed pregnant bride (I shouldn’t, but I have–she is pretty stupid). He hangs out with some acquaintances (like stupid, womanizer Hippolyte) humors them but doesn’t join in their antics. He does his duty even though he is warned his news may not be well-received–it is, but it doesn’t matter because as soon as he finishes everyone starts heading for the hills because the French are coming. His friend tells him to take off, but Andy stays honorable and returns to the army, even if it means he could likely die.

Yes, I’m kind of liking Andrew. He’s proud and stuffy, but he’s honest and moral–and he’s not stupid like so many other of these characters are.

Tolstoy will probably kill him off or something…

I also love how you can catch up on some of the other characters through overheard gossip. It’s fun to be in the loop!


One thought on “War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 36-42

  1. Jillian ♣ says:

    I like Andrew too! (In my copy, he’s called “Andrei.”) 🙂

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