Bleak House: “Moving On”

Chapter 19: “Moving On”

Summary: Chancery is “on vacation” and all the lawyer folk are bored. Mr. Skimpole has even taken to inviting an annoying preacher who calls himself “the Vessel” to dinner. In the course of this dinner a policeman comes to the door with little Jo in tow. The preacher sees Jo as a perfect blank slate to program with his propaganda.

Reaction: Call me one of the persecutors, but I can’t stand the Vessel (though I did find his piled-upon speeches entertaining). Though the narrator seems to be among the persecutors with all his snide remarks, so I don’t feel bad about my opinion.

Prediction: Jo is getting a lot of face time (yay!). I’m thinking he’ll have an important role of some sort to play in the chapters to come.

Why This Book Is a Classic: It can poke fun at religion and not be ostracized. (Not that I’m not religious, but no one likes it shoved in their face).

Our Lesson: If you preach too much you will be persecuted–and you might just deserve it.

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