Workout Playlist: 2/26-3/3

That emergency playlist really worked out well. It brought me from the brink of a bad week (cake ball experiment for work and other things) to an acceptable one. So I’m going to keep it the same and I’ve marked those songs as special “Friday songs.” (When I was young my family used to have a dance party every Friday night we called Friday Songs–awesome memory.)

For Monday I have a new glute workout to try featured here at the Healthy Diva blog. Since I’m supposed to repeat it 3 times it comes back 3 times on the playlist (with different songs, same length). I also have a different playlist for Wednesday–more of the usual, working on those holds and all-around strength/endurance work.

Monday’s Playlist:

  1. Jumping Jacks–“Alpha Dog” Fall Out Boy
  2. Bi/Tricep Curls–“The ‘I’ in Lie” Patrick Stump
  3. Glutes 1–“Walking the Dog” Fun. (been waiting a while to use this song somewhere šŸ™‚ )
  4. Box/Tricep Lifts–“Move” Thousand Foot Krutch
  5. Glutes 2–“You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave” Fall Out Boy
  6. Crunches (I alternate these to the sides as well)–“Pain” Three Days Grace
  7. Glutes 3–“Build God, Then We’ll Talk” Panic! at the Disco
  8. Hold-Up Weights–“Dancing Through Sunday” AFI
  9. Plank–“I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here” AFI
  10. Cool Down–“Soul Meets Body” Death Cab for Cutie

Wednesday’s Playlist:

  1. Jump (trying for better height)–“Jump Rope” Blue October
  2. 28-Lunge/Squat–“James Brown” Cage the Elephant
  3. Hold Up Weights–“Dancing Through Sunday” AFI
  4. Crunches–“Pain” Three Days Grace
  5. Wall Sit–“I Like It Rough” Lady Gaga
  6. Box/Push-Ups–“Oh, Stranger” The Raveonettes
  7. Leg Lifts–“Miss Murder” AFI
  8. Bi/Tricep Curls–“I Hate Everything about You” Three Days Grace
  9. Plank–“I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here” AFI
  10. Machine Gun Up/Down–“Hey Mama” Black Eyed Peas
  11. Cool Down–“Soul Meets Body” Death Cab for Cutie

Oh! And I get to use my new special cross training shoes I got today at Bob Roncker’s big sale!

Good luck with all your own work, and here’s to a great week!


One thought on “Workout Playlist: 2/26-3/3

  1. Love it…i’m always looking for new tunes to add to my playlist

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