Bleak House: “Esther’s Narrative”

Chapter 13: “Esther’s Narrative”

Summary: Back to Esther and wards–Richard decides he wants to be a surgeon. They go to London to see the sights and meet a surgeon, Mr. Badger (sounds like someone out of The Wind in the Willows). The whole time Esther is stalked by Guppy, who is looking sad a pathetic. Mr. Badger seems more in love with his wife’s two former husbands than her. Oh, and Richard and Ada publicly declare their love for each other.

Reaction: The chapter was much easier to read than the past ones. I didn’t really have any reaction to this chapter, though I don’t like Richard as much anymore for some reason after this “What should I do for a job?” “How about a surgeon?” “Oh yes! That’s it! A surgeon! I was born to be a surgeon!” I’m not sure why I like him less for not having any goal in life until someone gives one to him, but that’s the way it is.

Prediction: I feel like Esther is going to give in to Guppy out of pity for him and then be miserable–Oh, and then she’ll meet the real love of her life and start an affair and then Guppy will find out and spontaneously combust and Esther will feel so guilty she’ll kill herself…Maybe not…but it could happen, right?

Why This Book Is a Classic: Falling in love with your cousin is not only allowed but encouraged.

Our Lesson: If you marry someone with ex-wives/husbands, the whole situation will be so much more pleasant if you are as attracted to the ex’s as your husband/wife (except for when company comes because they will feel AWKWARD)

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