Emergency Friday Playlist!

My Friday class at the Y has been indefinitely cancelled! I had to think up something different to do than just repeating the playlist or running on the treadmill or there was a good chance I wouldn’t be motivated enough to do it, so I’ve made a workout heavy in cardio. For the jogging/running sections I’m going to get on the treadmill instead of just run in place. Also all new special Friday songs for added novelty.

  1. Jog–“Sex Life” D.R.U.G.S.
  2. Jumping Jacks–“Oh Glory” Panic! at the Disco
  3. Machine Gun Boxing–“When Your Heart Stops Beating” +44
  4. Run/Sprint–“Collapse” Rise Against
  5. Box/Push-Ups–“Fame < Infamy” Fall Out Boy
  6. Jump “Disturbia” Rhianna
  7. Box/Squats–“White Flag Warrior” Flobots
  8. Run/Sprint–“Drones” Rise Against
  9. Machine Gun Up/Down–“Like Rats from a Sinking Ship” Lucky Boys Confusion
  10. Cool Down–“Private Radio” Vanessa Carlton

I ended up changing number 7 from a Rise Against song so I wouldn’t have 2 in a row and just now realized that “White Flag Warrior” features Tim McIlrath from Rise Against. Oh well, it’s not my fault Rise Against makes such awesome, heart pumping songs. (And in the future I will be doing at least one all Rise Against playlist in honor of their concert I’m planning on going to!)

Hopefully this will inspire me to get active Friday night. Here’s to a great end of the week!


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