Bleak House: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: “On the Watch”

Summary: My Lady and Sir Leicester return to Chesney Wold have some strange parties and then meet with the lawyer who’d discovered that guy dead. My Lady has him tell her all about it, though her husband is offended to be talking of such things.

Reaction: I didn’t think I’d make it through that chapter. Then I took a break, and when I came back to it, it really wasn’t that hard. Anyway, though she seems an awful person, I relate a little to My Lady and her extreme interest in the death. She may have different reasons than mine, but I can’t help but get excited when bodies drop in these books. I like some action and drama, I guess, and if killing someone is the way to get it, then let’s kill, kill, kill! But I don’t get bored like her. I feel like I’m always busy, and if I’m not busy I create something to keep myself occupied (like reading these books and writing these posts). So don’t worry–I won’t go killing someone to make real life more interesting–I save that for my own novels.

Prediction: I think there’s more to this dead guy than some destitute wretch ending it all, and there are secrets between My Lady and the lawyer. Maybe this is the mystery that was alluded to in something I was reading about this book. Maybe little Jo will solve it.

Why This Book Is a Classic: The mere mention of poverty and death is inappropriate and offensive in this classic high society. I think it’s funny, though, that the man was the one offended and the woman wanted to hear more.

Our Lesson: Pay attention while reading, otherwise you’ll get to a paragraph of rhyming nonsense words and call out, “WTF! I have no idea what is happening!” and have to go back and read all that again! Take a break and maybe it will make more sense later.


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