Workout Playlist: 2/19-2/25

Valentine’s Week was kind of a killer diet-wise. So many parents brought in so many delicious things for us at school, and then I made cookies with the class and ended up eating a bunch of them. But I did get my workouts in except for Friday’s which had been cancelled. Oh, and on Wednesday I made all my holds, so I’ve increased all of them. This week I’ll do my playlist on Monday and Wednesday and run on Tuesday and Thursday. Hopefully I can run outside on Thursday again.


  1. Jumping Jacks–“Alpha Dog” Fall Out Boy
  2. Bicep/Tricep Curls–“The ‘I’ in Lie” Patrick Stump
  3. Wall Sit–“I Like It Rough” Lady Gaga
  4. Crunches–“Anything, Anything” Lucky Boys Confusion
  5. Push-Ups/Tricep Lifts–“My Best Theory” Jimmy Eat World
  6. Straight Leg Lifts–“Miss Murder” AFI
  7. Hold Up Weights–“Dancing Through Sunday” AFI
  8. Lunge 28/Squat*–“Somebody Told Me” Killers
  9. Plank–“I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here”AFI
  10. Machine Gun Up/Down–“Hey Mama” Black Eyed Peas
  11. Cool Down–“Soul Meets Body” Death Cab for Cutie

*I forgot to explain this last week: At boxing they had us get down in lunge position and go down 7 times normal, 7 times slow, 7 times fast low, and 7 times fast high; then repeat on other leg; finish with squats

That’s it–Here’s to a great week!


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