Bleak House: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: “A Morning Adventure”

Summary: Esther, the other wards, and the oldest Jellybean girl go for a walk in the morning and meet an old lady who hangs out at the courthouse/Chancery, and she makes them come back to her crappy little house and see her birds, passing through a junk shop first that is also called the Chancery. Then they go back, and by this time is is probably about lunchtime, but they are just getting around to get breakfast ready.

Reaction: I’ve been wondering how old this ward Richard is…they might have said when we met them, but that would involve a lot of page flipping on the Nook. And that lady is creepy, and her birds are creepy too. And thank goodness we’re leaving those Jellybeans behind.

Prediction: Are we going to get to Bleak House yet?

Why This Book Is a Classic: Only in a classic will young people follow a creepy old lady to her creepy house (which is also a metaphor) just because they don’t want to offend her.

Why a Modern Audience Might Like It: Going for a morning walk through the city to see the sights–we all wish we could have that kind of time on our hands.


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