Bleak House: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: “In Fashion”

Summary: My lady (I wonder if everyone calls her that) is bored of her country home and returns to town. She is only interested in what is fashionable, and apparently that court case is fashionable because she wants her lawyer to give her an update on it. While the lawyer complies she almost passes out from heat or boredom.

Reaction: Wasn’t too keen on this chapter. None of the characters seem that great–in fact it seems Dickens is trying to make fun of people like them through the characters. I don’t mind that to an extent, but if every character in the book is treated that way and no one is real, then this is going to be one long book–oh yeah, it’s already long…but it will feel long too.

Prediction: More of a hope than a prediction–that the next chapter introduces someone interesting and likable.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Nothing in this chapter really convinced me, actually. There’s some extensive character description–more of that than action. Anymore, only a classic can get away with that. (It wasn’t as good as last chapter’s description, though).

Why a Modern Audience Might Like It: I don’t think they would, if given this chapter. But it was kind of funny the way she was always called “my lady,” and a modern audience does love a good caricature–kind of like a Saturday Night Live thing.


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