War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 15-21

Still going strong and on track–and new characters continue to join the party in droves. Oh, and I think I’m getting the male/female conjugation of last names now, somewhat.

(*=Appeared in section; Bold=New character)

*Princess Anna Mikhaylovna Drubetskaya: doesn’t take no for an answer; determined to worm her way into Bezukhov’s good, money giving graces

*Boris: has a good head on his shoulders; isn’t interested in politics

*Countess Rostova: good hearted–gave some money to Ps. Anna

Count Cyril Vladimirovich Bezukhov: still hasn’t appeared in person; is really on his deathbed now, according to his doctor

*Prince Vasili Sergeevich: has a monotonous voice and an air of importance; scheming to get inheritance

*Lorrain: celebrated Petersburg doctor, treating Bezukhov

*Pierre: has no sense and cares only of politics and Napoleon; likes Boris (as a potential friend, though as a lover would be more interesting)

*Princess Olga: Bezukhov’s daughter–middle of three, I think–none of the daughters seem all that pleasant

*Count Rostov: believes “everything is possible,” likes to dance

*Dmitri: manages Rostov money; was brought up in C. Rostov’s house and is from a good family (I still don’t trust him)

*Marya Dmitrievna Akhrosimova: “a terrible dragon” woman, is 55, rude but respected and feared, tells it like it is; likes Natasha Rostova

*Natasha Rostova: acts like a little girl, loves attention

*Shinshin/Peter Nikolaevich: an old bachelor with a sharp tongue

*Lieutenant Berg/Alphonse Karlovich: Boris’ officer; handsome, only likes to talk about himself and thinks everyone else should like to talk and hear about him as well; like-likes Vera

*Nicholas Rostov: was flirting some more with Julie Karagina and makes Sonya jealous again

*Julie Karagina and *Sonya: girls at the party, returning only as bit players

*The Colonel: has a German accent and is very nationalistic (Russian, not German)

*Princess Catherine Semenovna: Bezukhov’s oldest daughter, has very smooth, plastic-like hair and hates Ps. Anna M.

Dmitrionufrich: Bezukhov family solicitor



Most Interesting Character Not Yet Appearing: Still goes to Bezukhov, since he still isn’t dead. I have hopes of this for this next section because Vasili and Catherine have to try to get him to take Pierre out of the will

Plot Surprise I’d Most Like to See: Murder! Pierre offing Bezukhov before he can take him off the will or Sonya killing Nicholas for cheating on her; any murder would be good. (I think I’ve been reading too much Hamlet…)


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