Hamlet 4:2

Act IV, Scene 2: “Another Room in the Castle”

Summary: Hamlet’s so-called friends G and R ask Hamlet where he put the body. Hamlet answers them cryptically but agrees to go with them to the King.

Reaction: I didn’t expect this scene to be so short. I’m actually not sure what to make of it, except that Hamlet knows G and R work for the King and not him and that he seems to be going a bit crazy.

Prediction: Well, he’s going to have some words with the King. I’m sure they’ll be cryptic as well and will hint or outright accuse him of murder. At this point it’s hard to predict what Hamlet will do except for continue his complete mental breakdown.

Why This Book Is a Classic: I think characters going crazy is a thing often seen in classics, especially ones that don’t end that well.

Why a Modern Audience Might Like It: We love seeing people turn their lives into a train wreck–why else is there reality TV?


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