Workout Playlist 1/29-2/4

I had a really good all-around week this week. I got all my workouts in and I didn’t eat any junk or anything that really bothered me, and today showed some good results. Yay!

Now, for this week I’m going to try some holds in my workout, which are supposed to increase muscle endurance, and which I find incredibly difficult–especially planks. I’m going to see how long I can keep the hold going, stretch it out, then get back to it until the song is over. I’ve started with shorter songs (so this week there’s 11 songs instead of 10) and as I get better I hope to switch to some longer songs.

Workout playlist for Monday and Thursday:

  1. Machine gun punches–“Vampire Money” My Chemical Romance
  2. Wall sit–“The Party Song” Blink 182
  3. Jumping holding weights–“Jump Rope” Blue October
  4. Box/Squat–“The Effect” Flobots
  5. Hold up weights*–“State of the Union” Rise Against
  6. Crunches w/ weights–“Anything Anything” Lucky Boys Confusion
  7. Lunge/Squat w/ weights–“Idiot Box” Incubus
  8. Run–“Satellite” Rise Against
  9. Plank–“Combat” Flobots
  10. Machine gun up/down–“If You Think This Song Is About You…” D.R.U.G.S.
  11. Cool down–“Wish You Were Here” Incubus

*I will hold the weights (heavy ones) straight up in the air above my head.

And I will run on Tuesday and Wednesday and do my Y class on Friday. Here’s to a great week!



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