Hamlet 4:1

Act 4, Scene 1: (I forgot to check where, but I assume ‘A Room in the Castle’)

Summary: The Queen tells the King how Hamlet has gone crazy and killed Polonius. The King is rightfully disturbed and gets Hamlet’s friends to go fetch him so they can ship him off to England immediately.

Reaction: I guess this scene was necessary, kind of. We see that the King and Queen are still concerned about Hamlet, probably for different reasons now, and that Hamlet’s time is up–he has to act now if ever.

Prediction: Murder and mayhem has been promised–it is a tragedy–Shakespeare should be delivering soon.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Even scenes like this, where nothing really happens, are worth reading because it is a classic.

Why a Modern Audience Might Like It: A scene like this builds the tension for what is coming next. That both drives a modern audience (any audience) crazy and keeps them watching: think Lost, and every other drama on TV.

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