Hamlet 1:1

Yes, I have started Hamlet–Act 1, Scene 1

Summary: The guards are patrolling and talking to one of Hamlet’s friends about a ghost they’ve been seeing around. He doesn’t believe them, but then whoa–there it is! And it looks like the dead former King. The ghost won’t talk to them, but it comes back! And it comes back again! (I put in the exclamation points because it’s a ghost after all.) No one knows what to do about it–stabbing it won’t help, so they decide to ask Hamlet about it.

Reaction: Ghosts are a pretty fun way to start a story. I kept having to flip back to the cast of characters to figure out who everyone was, so obviously I don’t remember anyone’s name but Hamlet. They blabbed on a bit much so that I had a hard time believing they were actually excited/scared about this ghost walking around in front of them, but that’s Shakespeare.

Prediction: Hamlet will get involved. Since I know Disney’s the Lion King is loosely based on Hamlet, and I know a little bit of the plot, I have a feeling that when Hamlet talks to the king ghost he’ll tell him that Hamlet’s uncle was the murder. Things will go downhill from here, since it is a tragedy.

Why This Book Is a Classic: 1. It’s Shakespeare and everything from Shakespeare is golden according to every English teacher/professor on the planet. (I’ll get that out of the way now). 2. Big words with lots of thees and thous and even if you think you know what the word means it still doesn’t make sense because it didn’t mean the same thing back in Shakespeare’s time so you have to look it up, and English teachers/professors love to make their students look things up!


One thought on “Hamlet 1:1

  1. Jillian ♣ says:

    I just read this one for the first time in 2010. LOVED it! Enjoy. 🙂

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