A Study in Scarlet: The End!

Part 2, Chapter 7: “Conclusion”

Summary: Sherlock tells Watson how he figured out the mystery.

Reaction: Boring. I’m tired of this story and glad it is over. I did not need a second whole part to explain the answer. This chapter, placed at the end of part 1 would have sufficed, and if I’d read it then instead of now, I may have actually been interested in it.

Prediction: The stories will improve. I will trust my dad when he says that this one is considered notoriously bad. I also predict that I will be taking a break from Sherlock to try something else–Shakespeare!

Why This Book Is a Classic–Final Edition: It had lots of good vocab, foreshadowing, a narrator who keeps a diary, and epic sections of exposition. On a good note, it also had Sherlock Holmes, who is an interesting and unique character who sticks in your mind no matter what stupid case he is forced to solve.


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