A Study in Scarlet: Part 2, Chapter 6

Part 2, Chapter 6: “A Continuation of the Reminiscences of John Watson M.D.”

Summary: The murder is now glad to have been caught, and agrees to go back to the police station with all of them to tell his story. The long narration we’d just wallowed through had been his story (not Sherlock’s deductions 😦 ). He didn’t care what they did to him because he already could die at any moment from an aortic aneurism. He told how he killed the two men but wouldn’t tell his accomplice in retrieving the ring.

Reaction: Wow, can you say “information dump”? That was a long chapter, and I think, after reading all that crap about the Mormons and the man and his daughter I had just stopped caring about this case. It was kind of interesting that he used chance to kill the first guy–one poison pill and one placebo.

Prediction: The next chapter is titled “Conclusion.” I’m wondering if Sherlock will pull off some magic and find that accomplice? I don’t think he’d like to leave loose ends.

Why This Book Is a Classic: A lot of classics take great pains to make sure that every possible loose end is tied up in a super secure knot. This story is definitely taking its time to secure all its ropey edges, with the possible exception of one, maybe.


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