A Study in Scarlet: Part 2, Chapter 5

Part 2, Chapter 5: “The Avenging Angels”

Summary: They thought they’d escaped, but when their guide was off hunting, a Mormon team attacked the man and his daughter, killing the father and taking the daughter to force her to marry. The guide (I am clearly not too good at remembering all these names) went back to the village, too late to stop the marriage. The girl died, and the man swore his revenge on two of the Mormons–one shot the father, and one married the girl. After a while these two men split with the Mormons and went to Cleveland, OH. When they realized the man was still chasing them they fled to London, where he finally found them and got his revenge.

Reaction: Finally this story-in-the-story thing is over! I guess the crime makes sense now, but it was an awfully long backstory for a crime that wasn’t that interesting except for the fact that Sherlock was solving it.

Prediction: This story will finally soon be over. I peeked at the next chapter and Watson takes over again.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Foreshadowing, tricky vocabulary. Otherwise I’d tell the English teacher to pick something else unless he/she’s trying to drive the class crazy.

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