A Study in Scarlet: Part 2, Chapter 3

Part 2, Chapter 3: “John Ferrier Talks with the Prophet”

Summary: The Prophet tells John (the man from the desert) that his daughter will have to marry a Mormon by the end of the month or terrible things will happen. Apparently, the Mormons are short on women, and have taken to stealing them from other places. It is a settlement of fear, and John and his daughter are ready to be rid of it.

Reaction: TPT–Now things are getting interesting (even if Sherlock is still nowhere to be seen). The Mormons are looking pretty sinister, as I’d expected, and there is some excitement building. I’m finally looking forward to see what happens next.

Prediction: They will flee, but something bad will happen and they won’t get away clean. I’m predicting some good classic violence soon. And I still think Sherlock is telling the story.

Why This Book Is a Classic: This was full of foreshadowing that an English teacher would love to have his/her class go through and find. John’s cleaning his rusty old shot-gun at the end. Every writer knows that has to make a reappearance.


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