A Study in Scarlet: Part 2, Chapter 2

Part 2, Chapter 2: “The Flower of Utah”

Summary: The man and his daughter who’d been saved by the Mormons joined them in the promised land of Utah and made themselves prosperous, even if never quite fitting in, since the man wouldn’t take any wife, let alone 3 or 4 of them. Then the girl falls in love with a cattle rancher and they plan to marry.

Reaction: I still keep checking to make sure I’m still reading the same book. I seem to be, though it could be a glitch in the Nook formatting. I just keep reading and hoping it will start making sense.

Prediction: I have a theory that this might be the way Sherlock is telling the tale of the case as promised to the detectives and Watson. It’s probably within his power to deduce all these various, seemingly irrelevant details. But I really think Sir Arthur was trying to take a break from Sherlock to write something he really wanted to write while still selling it as Sherlock Holmes.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Because it makes no sense, so it has to be good, right?


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