A Study in Scarlet: Part 2 Begins

Yay! I made it to part 2!

Part 2: “The Country of the Saints”

Chapter 1: “On the Great Alkali Plain”

Summary: ???? We are in the American desert and there is a man and a girl about to die from exposure. Then they are saved by…Mormons?

Reaction: WTF?

Prediction: I have no idea. I guess this might tie to the case somehow. How did the British feel about Mormons in Sherlock’s time? They seem awfully hard core, so I could see them coming out of this as the villain or at least tied to the villain–a righteous murder? But why would England have anything to do with Mormons…in America…in the middle of the desert? I am so confused.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Lots and lots of description of the desert here. And it makes America look like an untamed wasteland, and America never seems to come off that well in classics.


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