Workout Playlist: 1/8-1/14 Running Week

Last week’s results:

  • Did playlist on Monday and Thursday
  • Ran on Tuesday (treadmill)–20 minutes with some intervals
  • Started a balance ball workout class on Friday

Today was a boxing workout, and it was a really good one. I’ll probably be sore tomorrow.

This week poses some problems for my developing routine, so I’m going to have to make some adaptions.

Tomorrow I want to rest my muscles so instead of strength training I’m going to run and watch some recorded shows; length will depend on my soreness, but ideally tomorrow will be a 30+ minute run with intervals while I watch Happily Ever After, and I’ll save my shorter cartoons for Tuesday and do a 20-30 minute run with intervals because I have less time on Tuesdays.

I have a work activity Wednesday evening and it might be raining, so I don’t know if I’ll get to run outside in the nice neighborhood where I work between my regular hours and the activity like I sometimes do. I could at least do some crunches and push-ups in a back room at work.

Thursday I have class in the evening, but there’s a little time between when I get off and when I have to get there. I could go to a Y somewhere and face the crowds or brave the cold coming in and run outside, but I won’t have too much time to do either because I want to get to class a little early this week.

And Friday I’m going to take that class at the Y again because it’s really hard to get motivated to exercise on my own on Fridays.

And that’s it. I wish I had more time this week, but I’ll just have to do what I can and try not to eat like a pig 🙂


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