A Study in Scarlet: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: “Light in the Darkness”

Summary: Lestrade tells how he found the murdered man’s secretary also murdered with a similar MO. A box of pills was found at the scene, and Sherlock promptly tries them out on a sickly dog that happened to live in the apartment. One was poison. Sherlock claims to have solved the case. The urchins come with a cab for Sherlock, who puts his own handcuffs on the cab driver, and after a struggle they all pin him down, the apparent murderer.

Reaction: I am actually fairly confused. I’m not positive we had all the clues necessary to solve this on our own and we just had to leave it up to Sherlock. “The plot thickens” makes a reappearance (from now on to be referred to as TPT). Watson shows some usefulness when he analyzes the pills and proclaims them not ordinary, though Sherlock already knew this. Sherlock loses his point from last chapter on the likability chart for killing a dog. (Killing a cat, I’ve heard, isn’t as big a strike to likability). We were supposed to see this as euthanasia, though.

Prediction: Part 2 will start next–I hope to find out how everything happened, and there seems to be an equally smart (Sherlock claims) accomplice still on the loose. It would be cool if it were a woman, but I doubt it.

Why This Book Is a Classic: It was a pretty violent chapter, but classic literature can be violent, and it wasn’t like it was as gory as a modern horror movie or even The Hunger Games. So yes–it is a classic because it depicts violence in a classy way.

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