A Study in Scarlet: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: “Tobias Gregson Shows What He Can Do”

Summary: Watson gives us a summary of the biased news reporting on the case, Sherlock has enlisted a division of street urchins to help his investigation, and Detective Gregson comes for a visit, convinced he has solved the mystery.

Reaction: These chapters all seem to start off fairly boring and then pick up as they go on. There was definitely a lot of humor in this chapter though, from the clearly biased newspapers (either praising or condemning the current party in power) to the rivalry between the detectives and Sherlock’s humoring of them. Sherlock was the best part–I loved that he was upset that Gregson may have solved the case first and was only happy to hear about Gregson’s crime solving process when he realized that Gregson was wrong. Also–check a tab off on the “How to Make Your Character Likable” list for Sherlock befriending children.

Prediction: Those street urchins ought to turn up something. And bets are being taken on whether Lestrade or Gregson will look more foolish in the end. I’m thinking Gregson, since Lestrade seems a litle more professional and less of a braggart.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Our narrator keeps both a diary and a scrapbook. That’s a classic literary character for sure becuase he would get beaten up in any other genre.

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