A Study in Scarlet: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: “Our Advertisement Brings a Visitor”

Summary: Right after investigating the murder scene, Sherlock had placed an ad in the paper announcing a found wedding ring. He is certain that the person, desperate to retrieve this evidence, will come to their place that night. Someone does, of course, but it is not the culprit but an old woman. Sherlock follows the woman, but she manages to lose him and turns out to have been a man in disguise.

Reaction: Okay, so I should have figured the woman was in disguise, but none of the details led me to believe she was until she gave Sherlock the slip, though why he assumes it had been a man (maybe the old woman had been really ugly). Some highlights of this chapter was Sherlock’s use of of “dunderheads” and the often quoted, “The plot thickens.” Also I was a little offended at how much Watson harped on the fact that the murdered guy from Cleveland had been so ugly and obviously evil. Not that I’m from Cleveland, but I do have family there.

Prediction: Now that the ring is gone where will Sherlock turn for clues next? I’m sure there will be something he’ll discover in the apartment or on the street that will give him a lead.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Cross dressing. Mastered by Shakespeare, now used by Sir Arthur.


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