A Study in Scarlet: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Lauriston Garden Mystery

Summary: A letter sends Sherlock to the scene of a murder, and since they’d just been talking about how clever Sherlock is, he invites Watson to come along. Sherlock listens to the police detectives make their observations and then spends 20 minutes sniffling and snuffling around the room and comes to a completely different conclusion.

Reaction: It’s cool to see Sherlock at work, and the sensory details, of which there were plenty, allowed me to picture him quite clearly as he crawled around with his magnifying glass. (Hundreds of depictions from cartoons to recent blockbuster movies probably helped that picture as well.)

Prediction: I’m thinking a lady in scarlet is going to come into the picture pretty soon and that it will tie back to this case of a murdered man from Ohio of all places (I live in Ohio).

Why This Book Is a Classic: It has to be a classic if it can get away with using “ejaculated” as a dialogue tag.

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