A Study in Scarlet: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: “The Science of Deduction”

Summary: After lazing around for what seemed like months, with nothing to do but observe his new roommate, Watson finally asks Sherlock what his deal is. Sherlock brags about how great of an observer and deducer he is.

Reaction: Sherlock is starting to show more of his colors with his bragging and conceitedness. Watson is just making himself look stupid taking so long to spy on his new roommate and not coming up with any answers until Sherlock flat out tells him. It was a slow chapter, but the part I liked best was when Watson listed the subjects Sherlock knew nothing of, like astronomy, politics, and literature, because Sherlock claimed they were not necessary to him, though I’d think politics at least would be, because I’m sure he’ll come across a crime related to politics at some point.

Prediction: Hopefully in the next chapter there will be a mystery to solve. A man dropped off a mysterious letter, so let’s hope that amounts to something. And let’s hope Watson shapes up a little, but since he gets made fun of in some adaptations, I don’t have my hopes too high on this.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Lots of words–probably equaled lots of pay for Sir Arthur. I think the novelty of Sherlock’s character is what really makes the book stand out. It was funny, though, that Sherlock made fun of other classic detective characters, like a guy Poe wrote about.

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