Workout Playlist 1/1-1/7

Unbelievable! 2 posts in 1 day!

I’ve decided to expand on an idea I had over my Christmas break where I made a workout playlist and designated specific exercises for each song. The exercises are based on the ones they make us do at my monthly boxing workouts. I’ve made 2 so far and felt greatly beat up after both so I know it was good for me.

It’s approximately a 30 minute playlist, and I plan to do it on Monday and Thursday. My rules are:

  1. Do the designated exercise to the best of my ability for the entire length of the song
  2. If I can’t continue the exercise I may pause for water and either try again or substitute a similar exercise
  3. Keep moving and keep as fast a pace as possible

Here’s this week’s playlist:

1. Hopping/jumping rope–“Jump Rope” Blue October
2. Lunges/Squats–“Megalomaniac” Incubus
3. Box/Push-up Progression*–“Dammit” Blink 182
4. Crunches–“The Only Difference…” Panic! at the Disco
5. Run in place–“Re-Education (Through Labor)” Rise Against
6. Box/Squat Progression–“The Effect” Flobots
7. Back/Rear Strengthening–“West Coast Smoker” Fall Out Boy
8. Core: Leg Lifts/Planks–“Miss Murder” AFI
9. Box/Machine Gun**–“If You Think This Song Is About You…” D.R.U.G.S.
10. Cool Down–“Swing Life Away” Rise Against

*The boxing progression is 10 punches, 1 push-up; 20 punches, 2 push-ups; etc. as high as I can get

**Machine gun boxing is just boxing as fast as possible the whole time

I thought maybe if I posted this each week I could keep myself a little accountable. BTW, the other days of the week I plan to run on the treadmill like usual, but I was starting to get bored of that and was blowing it off, so hopefully this will keep me inspired, since I get to be creative.

My favorite pairing from this list is the core exercises with “Miss Murder” because for me extended core work is murder. It would be cool to hear your ideas for exercises and songs that would go good together too!


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