Reds vs. Yankees

This was a game that had been rain-delayed and then turned into a double header and was totally awesome!

Game highlights:

  • Andrea and I had come up with a plan to get to the game Tuesday that involved me sitting through a meeting of hers before she drove me to work, which involved getting up early. Then the game got cancelled just as she was coming to pick me up. We went to the farmer’s market and got some bread and lettuce and then we got some delicious self-serve frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt.
  • The game was rescheduled the next night as the second game of a double header. The rain looked like it would hold off, so we decided to go–because it was the Yankees and because we love to go to baseball games. (We both had to be at work early so we got up early again).
  • I had to pick her up this time, and I was a little late, but we got to our seats with all our stuff before the first pitch, and that’s all that matters.
  • Andrea brought us some strawberries. It felt really good to eat something fresh and healthy at a game for once (after we’d already eaten our hot dogs).
  • We’d already lost the first two games of the series, and we’d lost several more before that. Then Heisey hit a home run as the lead off hitter in the 1st inning. Things were looking up.
  • The Yankees tied it with a lead-off home run of their own the next time up. Boo.
  • Heisey, Heisey, Heisey–3 homeruns and 5 RBIs! The big star of the game! Someone needs to start playing every day.
  • Great neighbors! The couple on our left were from Louisville, and the couple on our right (Yankees fans, but nice ones) were from Connecticut.
  • Bad weather–but not on us. In the 6th or so our Louisville neighbors started hearing about tornadoes at their houses. Their families were safe, and their property, but that area was pretty badly hit.
  • A storm was on its way to us to, but the front split and didn’t end up hitting until we were on our way home.
  • Reds win!!! If we forget about Saturday’s game then the streak continues!

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