Library Summer Reading

The Cincinnati Public Library has a summer reading program/contest for adults as well as kids and teens. I thought this was pretty cool when I saw the email about it, but at first I wasn’t that interested because I read enough on my own that I don’t need an incentive to read more–but then I saw the prizes for the contest. One prize is Reds tickets–they pretty much had me there, but the person who reads the most books at each library branch will win a Nook Color. I have a regular Nook, but a Nook Color is so much cooler, and it would be awesome to say I won it.

The competition problem: I am far from an idle person, and at best I can probably crank a book out every other day, and since I go to the Wyoming library I feel that I am competing with a lot of fairly rich homemaker types and retirees who have little else to do all day but read (I’m sure this comment could be offending to some of the people I’m referring to, but this is what my imagination has pictured as my opponents). I do not, at least seem to be competing against anyone but adults, because it really wouldn’t be fair to compete against kids who have shorter books and have a whole summer to kill with reading.

The library-created problem: In order to get credit for reading a book I have to log on and fill out an online form about the book I read. When I did this the first time I discovered that the only thing I’m required to fill in is how many books I read. The parts that are optional are a review, the title, and author of the book. That’s it. So what’s stopping some cheater from typing that they read 100 books when they haven’t read any? And what’s stopping some adult from reading 100 picture books and counting them? There is no specification to what type of book to read that will count or any specific number of pages, which is probably good for me, since all I mostly just read YA (I’m not counting the children’s books I read to the kids at school over and over each day), but I feel that YA is on pretty much equal footing to adult books–some are quite long, and some adult books are short, and if I were reading adult books for the contest I’d be picking short ones. I will not be cheating, and I hope that my competition will be just as honorable.

So far I’ve finished six books since the program started June 1, and I’ve won the second level prize. There’s no leader board that I know of, so I don’t know how I compare to all those idle Wyoming people, but I’ll just do my best and see where that gets me!


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