Reds vs. Blue Jays…the streak is over

A sad day yesterday. I witnessed my first losing Reds game of the season 😦

Here’s the scorecard.

The ill-fated game...

Here are the highlights:

  • Andrea was back from her trip in time for the game! Yay!
  • We got great spots for watching batting practice. I saw Bill Bray, ever the fan-friendly player, for the third time this season. He signed my ticket (see above). If I would have been thinking more clearly I would have had him sign my baseball socks (He’s the only player on the team who always wears his socks and is therefore one of my favorites.)
  • The most awesome-est and wonderful and my very favorite player finally came and signed my ball: Ryan Hanigan!!!! (Jay Bruce had formerly been my favorite and Hanigan had been second until he signed my ball). Yay Ryan!!! I made sure not to let the autograph smear this time.
  • They don’t sell scorecards at the ballpark anymore apparently…They give them away for free at the fan accommodation window if I push past all the people waiting for designated driver bracelets.
  • Volquez pitched once again. I feel like his games are the only ones I ever see–and his games last FOREVER!
  • My attention span was not too great. I got bored somewhere around where it started raining, and it was done raining a couple innings later and I looked up and it was only the 5th inning or something like that.
  • I got an ice cream sundae in a Red’s helmet! Believe it or not, it was my first helmet sundae ever!
  • Oh, and I got “Spirit Hair”: a red mohawk on a headband. I am so wearing it to school on crazy hat day!

Next up: Yankees. I know my Reds can do it!


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