Back to Work

I have stuck to my goal this time.

Originally I was going to get back to my writing work after my birthday (March 23). I will blame my 10K/5K for this lapse because I chose to spend my free lunchtimes running instead of writing. I know I could have fit proof reading and all that in at another time, because I am good at fitting in things I want/need to do in my schedule, but I really think this book needed extra space to sit. So my new goal was to work on my writing again once our summer session started at work–which is after my class is over with for the summer, after I had to set up my room for our next unit, and after the 5K/10K. That was this week.

My goal, I decided last Sunday night when I remembered that I’d decided to do this:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: work on revising my finished book “New Book” in my “Categories” section

Tuesday, Thursday: make notes/world building/character building/plotting for the “New, New Book” (This is not what I’m actually calling it but is all I’m willing to reveal at this time)

Progress Week 1:

Monday, Wednesday: proofread my whole lunch hour

Tuesday: worked on world building my whole lunch hour

Thursday: had to get fingerprinted (again) for work to make sure, as I told the children, that I’m not a bad guy

Friday: forgot to add new pages to my proofreading pile so proofread for half an hour and read a book for the other half

Not too bad for the first week. My main temptation pulling me from these goals right now is reading, since I enrolled in the summer reading program with my library (they have an adult category!) and I’m trying to read as much as I can in order to win prizes. (I just qualified for the Level 2 prize!)

Let’s see how well I can stick to my goals!


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