Redlegs Run 2011

This weekend’s adventure was a very ambitious run on my part–a 10k followed immediately by a 5k.

I’ve only done one 5k before and that is the extent of my racing experience besides walking a couple miles in a heart walk 2 times. I run for exercise but only as far as I can get in half an hour because I get bored and don’t really have time to devote to more. But 5k runner got a regular t-shirt, and 10k runners got a special running shirt, and those who registered for both got both shirts and two tickets to a Red’s game, so Andrea and I decided to give it a try. I started running during my lunch time on days I didn’t have time to run after work, so I got slightly longer runs and had some experience outside. My marathon runner coworker regularly asked me for updates on my progress and told me I’d do fine.

Andrea made a plan with her personal trainer. We would run a mile then walk a few minutes, then run again and keep that up throughout the 10k. The official plan for the 5k was to walk it, but Andrea and I both wanted to run it if we could. I knew by this time I probably could have handled running most of the 10k from my training, but it would be more fun to stay together, so we did. And I have a feeling if I’d tried to run more than I did I would have been a whole lot more worn out than I was, and I was still pretty tired but only a little sore.

Here are my times:

10k–1:26:22 (this was run/walk/run/walk the whole time)

5k–48:36 (we ended up walking most of this one but we ran for the last k plus a little)

Bonus notes:

  • It rained for the entire 10k. That led to news anchors calling the people who showed up for this one “elite runners.” I guess I am an elite runner now.
  • The rain made them reroute the course so we did not get to end on the track inside the stadium (boo.) There’s always next year.
  • We got some delicious cookies for finishing, and they also had hotdogs and pizza and ice cream somewhere, but the lines were too long there.
  • My favorite Reds blog, Jamie Ramsey’s “Better Off Red” met up before the 5k and after, so we got to meet him and earn his admiration for our crazy running accomplishment–and we got a free BOR shirt and official pairs of magical red shoelaces.
  • We also got to meet local news personalities Katherine Nero and Larry Handley, who had done the 5k (it was Katherine Nero’s first one) and talk to them and take a picture with them and earn their admiration for our crazy running accomplishment.
  • We were healthy enough afterward to do a few errands, and then we took a nap through about three innings of the Red’s game broadcast.

Me, Andrea, Katherine Nero, and Larry Handley after the 5k--Note that my pigtails are still wet from the 10k

Who knows what crazy ideas, physical or otherwise I’ll get myself into for future weekends? It’s vacation planning time, so there most likely will be something soon!


2 thoughts on “Redlegs Run 2011

  1. That is fantastic! Great job! Now the question is: will you do it again?!

    • I will. Especially if there’s more great shirts–and since it was raining we didn’t get to end inside the ballpark because the track was too wet, and I was really looking forward to that, so I’ll do it again just for that.

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